a chance to attend a mega kpop concert gets real for Indian Kpop fans *video post

Image Coyright © INCHEON K-POP CONCERT 2018

The Incheon Kpop concert festival, which is a part of the Kwave tour to Korea from India (ex mumbai) is attended by more than 40000 fans from across the world. The limited tickets gets over in 2-3 mins when they get live online. This tour brings our Indian kpop fans a lovely opportunity to visit Korea along with the chance to enjoy a mega kpop-concert and all other attractions included in this tour itinerary. Book now

Check videos below to discover Incheon Kpop concert-

ASTRO performing in Opening Incheon Kpop Concert 2018
Video credit Incheon Kpop Festival/KBS

Wanna One in Incheon Kpop Concert – Video Credit SBS

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