a cultural amalgamation

One of our core policy is “connecting culture”, both ways. here is our story which brings out the richness that exists in developing a intercultural relationship beyond borders. Dr Eunjoo Lim a Korean national (co-founder of KiwaIndia) is an avid lover of Indian classical dance form “Kathak”. She is a Kathak dancer for more than 10 years and has trained under GuruYogini Gandhiji. She has performed in Korea’s most reputed concert hall “the Seoul Arts center (예술의 전당)” and has been featured by the Indian cultural center in Seoul and mentioned by the Indian Embassy in Korea.

Therefore connection between art and music is a two way process, this thought led us to start hosting Kpop( from Korea to India) concerts across India, which is one of the major contributor to the K-wave. We are hosting concerts in India and have started with idol bands VAV. Click here for info on our services.

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