Our Insta ID @kiwa_in (KIWA INDIA) is where we started to interact with K-pop fans and Indian fandom in 2019. This page highlights some moments, for more follow our Insta. ID.

MustB x LiveYubin Concert attended by thousands of fans
official announcement by VAV for the India tour
VAV official twitter announcement and promotion of tour tweets by @VAV_official twitter
VAV India tour promotional video pre concert shoutouts by VAMPZ in India
As part of Kiwa vision of “connecting Culture’ we did language lesson series by the artists for Indian languages, as a first in India by mainstream Kpop idol group before India tour
Kiwa project of Fanart contest by Indian VAMPZ, another first, announced by the idols directly after selection made by them. love from fans represented in Korea studio of Ateam entertainment.
promotion of music album as a part of super tickets of India concert, getting fans closer to their idol group. A new trend set by Kiwa for all upcoming concert.
Indian Vampz wecoming VAV troupe in Airport. Almost 300 cheering fans came to welcome their idols.
A super exciting packed house lit by lightsticks added the fan experience. Another first in India, setting international Kpop concert experience
As a part of connecting culture VAV artists visited local school in Imphal and interacted with students with a mini performance.
Idols with fans on stage in Delhi concert
Vampz celebrating birthday during concert in Imphal on stage of VAV idol ZIU
fanmeet upclose
fans cheering before concert
@rollingstonein Rolling stone India exclusive photoshoot of VAV idols for Zodiac in Delhi before concert.
continuous Kiwa updates, contests, surveys and fan interaction in Instagram.

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