Our projects are crafted to connect culture!

This page highlights our projects in India over the years and we have archived the pages visible for reference.

We invite you to experience our journey of events :


a.) Corporate training programs: We have conducted Korean language offline training programes in Korean MNC’s in Pune. Contact us for more. (link)

b.) AASHA: We started India’s first non recorded Live Online Korean learning class named ‘AASHA’, during 2020 pandemic lockdown, which was designed and introduced to students. It helped the participants during the lockdown to remain positive and have a sense of achievement.  In view of this project’s success we have kept the ‘Korean language program’ in the Indo-Korean Center as an official certificate based program condusted by licenced native Korean teachers.  (link)

c.) KSI Pune pilot project program: Our CEO, Dr Eunjoo Lim (CEO) , who had successfully completed all the courses and programs as the officer in-charge of the KSI Pune pilot project. Youtube (link)

d.) Indo-Korean Center: On 25th March 2021, a MOU have been signed between Kiwa and the MITCON foundation trust to operate western India’s and Pune’s first ‘Indo-Korean Center’.  All further, Korean language and cultural programs, various scholarship programs to study in Korea, exchange programs and such projects will be conducted  in this center. Additionally, this center will also have an industry-academia interface platform. (link) 


– We have successfully conducted live concerts with exciting bands like VAV, Lucente , Must B, Liveyubin and many other artists from Korea. We have also supported Indian govt. organisations and private companies by providing Korean artists in their concerts and international music festivals.(link)


K-Wave tour was introduced to Indian fans of Hallyu to visit Korea either as a part of cultural tour or educational tour. All future tour programs and information will be available in the ‘Indo-Korean Center’. (link)


We have introduced Webtoon project in India  through live online exhibitions and created a market space to various stakeholders in association with some of the biggest webtoon artists from Korea. Our Exhibition had more than 200 participants from various age groups from across India. (link)


This space let us share the Hallyu-fans  write about their life experiences as a part of the Korean wave. Just email us your experience within 250 words along with your picture and we will feature you in this web page. (link)