‘India K-wave Concert’

Kiwa India brings to you a new concept to organize Kpop concert. We call it the India K-wave Concert. We found that organizing kpop concerts in India is extremely feasible due to rising fans and fandom across India. However the basic hurdle is the capital and investment to organize one. In India , the big organizers have lesser understanding of the kpop genre of music making it less attractive to them. However, the younger generation of Kpop fans have a deep understanding of the kpop music genre but they lack the expertise to raise funds and pool in investments to organize the concert. This is where our K-wave concerts are becoming popular. A simple concept of pooling fandom across different cities geographically far to each other. We book an artist or band and plan the schedule at 2-3 different cities for three different organising kpop fan clubs, leading to reduction in expenses towards artist management. This also leads to greater networking and better planning between fan clubs. Read more by clicking here

K-Pop Idols during famneet with supervampz during VAV India tour hosted by Kiwa India

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