K-Wave Tour (ex-Mumbai)

The upcoming K-wave tour (ex-Mumbai) presented by Kiwa is a trend setting concept for Indian fans of Korean culture. It is a curated tour to Korea to experience the K-wave culture in its place of origin.

Introducing a 6N7D all inclusive* package at INR 1,65,000 , a price point that has been a first in India, with active support and encouragement by the Korean tourism organisation and our associate travel partner Redleaf tours and travels. The tour includes Live concerts, Korea’s top University visits, studios, tech centers and all other major attractions.The Incheon Kpop festival in Korea is a part of this tour itinerary. The concert stage set and artist line ups is the best in the world. We included this festival for the Indian fans to experience one of the best live Kpop concert happening in the world. It attracts the top most Kpop bands to perform. click here for Tour overview & booking

Check below to discover Incheon Kpop concert-

Wanna One in Incheon Kpop Concert – Video Credit SBS

ASTRO performing in Opening Incheon Kpop Concert 2018
Video credit Incheon Kpop Festival/KBS

The 2018 highlights of the incheon festival can be viewed by clicking this link here


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