Seoul city- one of the most vibrant and safe city in the world- Post credit Seoul Metropolitan Government website

“I can assure you that all the civil servants of the city administration – of which I am now the head – are fully committed to doing their utmost to further improve Seoul’s business environment.”

We are expanding our investment and support programs for creative businesses, which are pursuing their vision of 21st-century society, and integrating IT services, which are already among the world’s best, so that we may create an infrastructure that is even more conducive to business activities. Similarly, we have created, and are maintaining, a safe and peaceful living environment for citizens and visitors alike, including our extremely efficient and comfortable public transport system and effective programs designed to ensure public order and security.

So, why not be a friend to Seoul and come and enjoy all the attractions this great city has to offer?

Thank you!

Seoul Mayor Sign
Mr Park Won Soon-The mayor of Seoul City
Post Credit to Seoul Metropolitan Government -South Korea Read More

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