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Kiwa India is bringing Korean Webtoons to India in partnership with RockinKorea. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic that has gripped the world we will have The first unique opening ceremony in the form of an India exclusive Online Live Webtoon Exhibition,first time in India using ZOOM platform. Korean webtoon is another element of the Hallyu Wave across the world. Kiwa India will also have webtoon merchandise from Korea .

 Q& A about Webtoon Online Exhibition by Rockin Korea

1.What is the motive of this exhibition?
: We hope that many Indians will be interested in Korean cartoons or webtoons through this exhibition. Korean webtoons are getting popular just like K-pop, but they are being serviced in many countries and made into dramas and movies in Korea. Very enjoyable, fluid in execution, beautiful story lines and complete entertainment.

2.Are the participants just going to watch the artist talk about their works?
: Yeah, that’s right. However, with the pre-contests coming up before the event, participants can send their sketches to enter the contest and will be sent to Korea for review, on the day of the event the winning sketches will also be autographed,mentioned live during event by the webtoon pro creators and sent to the winners. Keep following @kiwa_in instagram for exciting posts and webtoon events and pre events.

3.Are we going to learn about how to make webtoon?
: We will show about the process of drawing webtoons on October 22, the day of the exhibition in our website we will have live video feed as mentioned below in the time schedule.

4.Are the participants suppose to be taking part in some works or competitions?
: Participants will  attend the Autograph session of the the famous Korean webtoon artists who will give their autograph and draw caricature for winner.

5.Will the participant take part in the exhibition like submitting their artworks or is it just for the webtoon artist?
: This exhibition is to understand and promote webtoon and the famous creators. Since the Korean webtoons is different with India’s toon viewing.
However, as mentioned in 2. additional pre-event contest will be held by KIWA in their instagram  @kiwa_in and Korean webtoon creators will select the winners for these sketches received from the participants and will receive surprises and digital autographs.

6. Will there be interaction with the webtoon artist?
: We have allocated 90 minutes for each writer per session for signing event. If you ask certain questions with the permission of Kiwa host in ZOOM, you can get your replies from the artists as a part of the talk-show during exhibition.

Schedule of event:
22/10- Time11:30am -12:00 pm Drawing show live click-(RockinKOREAENT) for All
22/10-Time 12:30pm- 2:00pm Artist 1-Webtoon Live exhibition in Zoom India Exclusive
22/10-Time 2:00pm- 3:30pm Artist 2-Webtoon Live exhibition in Zoom India Exclusive

23/10-Time 12:30pm- 2:00pm Artist 3-Webtoon Live exhibition in Zoom India Exclusive
23/10-Time 2:00pm- 3:30pm Artist 4-Webtoon Live exhibition in Zoom India Exclusive

* Venue- Zoom Video platform

*To validate your entry- Follow @kiwa_in Instagram handle and submit the details below for FREE pass. Those with a confirmation email will receive  Zoom link ID and password which will be sent by registered Email as per above schedule of event.

*Once the number of pass is over you will be placed in queue.

*This pass will give you entry to the exhibition and let you participate in all related contests.

*Winners will be picked randomly during the live Zoom events and pre-event contests run by Kiwa India in their Instagram ID @kiwa_in .

*Winners will be entitled to a caricature in webtoon format sketched ‘live’ during the sessions by the Korean pro artists, over 2 days of online exhibition. So you will have more chances of winning if you attend all the four artist sessions. There would also be some additional surprise merchandise from Korea subject to custom clearance.

*It is compulsory to keep video option ON in ZOOM during entire event along with your name.

REGISTRATION for all sessions – Registration form for free Online Webtoon Exhibition pass